Top 5 Benefits of AquaGold® Treatments

While applying products to your face can help reduce signs of aging, many people find the results unsatisfactory. AquaGold® takes the benefits of your skincare ingredients a step further by delivering treatments into the deeper layers of skin. Its patented technology gives you the full benefits of treatments like retinoids, antioxidants, and even Botox®. 

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What is AquaGold®?

The outer layers of skin are inactive and do not absorb products well. AquaGold® uses gold microneedles to inject treatments into the deeper, more active layers of skin where the cells can use them effectively. AquaGold® works with a wide range of serums and products. Its tiny needles cause almost no discomfort, and sessions take only twenty minutes to complete. 

How Do AquaGold® Treatments Work?

The AquaGold® handpiece uses gold microneedles, but unlike microneedling treatments, these needles deliver microinjections beneath the outer layers of skin. The handpiece has a small vial that may contain treatments, serums, or Botox®. Each needle puts treatment exactly where your skin needs it most. 

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Top 5 Benefits of AquaGold® Treatments

AquaGold® makes an effective delivery method for beneficial skin treatments and products. It offers many benefits over topical applications or traditional injections. 

1. Improve Skin Imperfections

AquaGold® can improve skin conditions like acne scarring, uneven skin texture, and large pores. It stimulates the skin to repair itself, tightening pores and smoothing out minor skin flaws with almost no discomfort. 

2. Targeted Delivery

Microinjections deliver your treatment to a targeted skin depth where it will work more effectively. Instead of applying therapy to dead skin cells that cannot use it, AquaGold® applies it to active, living layers of skin that will reap the benefits. 

3. Botox® Injections

Microinjecting Botox® allows it to work on the smallest and most superficial muscles that cause small facial movements. AquaGold® is often used to microinject Botox® over areas where dermal fillers have been injected. Since facial motions break down dermal fillers, this method of using Botox® can prolong the life of your dermal fillers without changing your facial expressions. 

4. Fast and Easy

Treatment with AquaGold® only takes about twenty minutes. You can come in for treatment and return to your daily routine afterward, although your face may look a bit red for 24 hours or so. Results can last for weeks with antioxidants or retinoids and months with Botox®.

5. No Downtime

You can go back to your regular activities after AquaGold® treatment. Your face may look red and feel sensitive for up to 24 hours. Use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure for at least three days while your skin heals completely. 

Am I a Good Candidate for AquaGold®?

AquaGold® is a gentle, effective treatment safe for almost everyone. Its gold needles do not irritate the skin. If you have had any allergic reactions, especially to skincare products, make sure to discuss this during your consultation so treatment can avoid any products you might be sensitive to. 

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Take the Next Step 

If you have further questions about AquaGold®, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our expert providers at Baltic Beauty Centre in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, today. Call us at (954) 944-1174 or fill out our convenient online contact form.


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