Celebrities Who Have Had a Thread Lift

Do you want to see lifted, more youthful-looking facial features without surgery? A thread lift offers a minimally invasive way to raise sagging areas. Results improve over time as the threads help build your skin’s natural support network. If you are not ready for a facelift but still want to see some problem areas lifted and tightened, a thread lift may be a good choice for you.

Thread lift Fort Lauderdale

What is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift uses special syringes to inject threads under the skin. These threads have tiny barbs that let them grab and lift the skin from beneath. Several well-known celebrities have discussed their thread lift experiences. Cosmopolitan reports that the procedure has become an Instagram trend. With no scarring and minimal downtime, thread lifts make an excellent procedure for busy people with no time for weeks of recovery. 

Celebrities Who Have Had a Thread Lift

You will probably recognize many of the names from this list of celebrity thread lift fans. Other celebrities have probably tried thread lifts as well, but no one knows for sure since they leave no marks. 

Sarah Ferguson

The Duchess of York talked about her thread lift procedure, saying she felt like it improved her overall appearance. She notes that she had tried several treatments before her doctor suggested trying a thread lift. 

Eva Mendez

This celebrity even shared her thread lift procedure on Instagram as it happened. She had threads in her jaw, and lower face, a common location for thread lifts since loose skin along the jaw can affect your facial contours. 

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Huda Kattan

This beauty influencer also uses thread lifts along the jawline, restoring a more youthful and tighter appearance. She has talked about her love of thread lifts with their long-lasting results and noticeable lifting abilities. 

Gwenyth Paltrow

While she has not talked publicly about having a thread lift herself, this movie star and Goop founder has touted their benefits. She has also discussed her experiences with other treatments and injectables, so a thread lift seems like a possibility. 

Simon Cowell

Proving that men like a tight jaw and lifted facial features just as much as women, the American Idol star had a thread lift to keep him looking camera-ready. While he was not a fan of the actual procedure, he reported enjoying the results. 

How Does a Thread Lift Work?

The threads used in a thread lift are made of medical-grade polydioxanone (PDO). This material will dissolve safely over time. Your Baltic Beauty Centre provider will inject the threads under the skin in a minimally invasive procedure under local anesthetic. The barbed threads attach to the skin to raise and tighten it. The presence of the threads stimulates collagen production, building the skin’s support network so it will continue to look lifted and smooth after the threads have dissolved. The collagen framework will provide lift and support to the skin for a year or more after treatment.

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